Revealed: DMX Inspired by “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” Life Call Commercial

7 Sep

I was in the car listening to Hot 97 today and I heard this DMX song “Slippin” for the first time. It’s an old one, but check it out – vintage DMX raspy rapping and an obsession with dogs (there is a clip of a young DMX feeding a pitbull hot dogs in the music vid). This is before DMX went to jail.

Now watch this “Life Call” commercial for senior citizens. Old Mrs. Fletcher hits the deck right around the 0:28 second mark. Her line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” has become something of a widely known pop culture reference, even if this is coming from a commercial that first ran in 1987. 

Now after watching those two videos how the fuck are you going to tell me DMX didn’t turn on this commercial, watch that old bag Mrs. Fletcher take a tumble, and immediately say “damn, I’ve gotta turn that into a song.” He also probably barked a number of times because he seems to think that he is a dog. Maybe he went to jail for being believing that he was a dog? It was almost certainly for something along the lines of assault or drug possession, but I will also state here my belief that DMX has a mental condition.

That being said, this is some dope shit. I mean the man made a song – a song that still plays on the radio, apparently – out of Mrs. Fletcher’s broken hip. And the rest of the chorus came from the lesser known extended version of the commercial, where a fully-healed Fletcher proclaims “I’m back on my feet so I can tear shit up!”


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