NYPD Officers Grind On Dancers at West Indian Day Parade

12 Sep

This video has been getting a lot of attention on the internet today.  The footage speaks for itself, but it shows a few NYPD officers getting’ down and dirty with parade-goers and dancers at the West Indian Day Parade in New York City.  Respekkkkkt.

For those who are unaware, what you are viewing is the video is called “daggering.” 

If you know what the word dagger means, you’ll understand why this dance craze is characterized by such a name.  At 1:06, you’ll also see a police officer literally dry-hump one of the dancers.  Pure, solid gold.  Some may say this is inappropriate behavior for a NYC police officer — frankly I do kind of agree.  At the same time, in the context of such a fun parade, it’s acceptable.  This is definitely the kind of thing that people get fired for…but at least if the officers are let go, they can go on Dancing With The Stars.  


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