Whattherap, Inc. Announces General Boycott of Soulja Boy’s Music

20 Sep


For a while now, I’ve really been flabbergasted by the popularity of Soulja Boy.  I understand that his music exists in a space that is half-parody/half-real music (hopefully) but I just can’t take it anymore.  His music really angers me.  It’s just not good.  I really hope some people will back me up on this because I am losing my mind.  

I can’t sit here while Mr. Soulja rakes in the dough, while artists with 10 times the talent have yet to be discovered.  


I’ve written a lot about him over the years.  His inability to counthis claim to have written the song “Whip My Hair” (confirmed: he did not write it.)and his plea on Twitter to have naked pictures sent to him from female fans. 

Read up…because from this day on I intend never to post another Soulja Boy song on this site.  I hereby announce the boycott of Soulja Boy’s music on WTR.  There’s a chance his name will appear on this site in the future, but until further notice I’m over it.  

I present my one and only piece of evidence in the case against Mr. Boy:


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