Get to Know Catalina Rhyme Mixers (Interview)

28 Sep


Move over Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, and The White Panda.  (Who names their music group after a panda anyway?) Catalina Rhyme Mixers are on the scene now and are worth a listen.

Will and Cooper, who make up the two-man mashup group, sat down with whattherap to tell us how they got started, how they come up with such wild song combinations, and more.  They’ve been playing music together since middle school, and have come a long way since then.  You know you’ve made it to the big time when Taylor Swift tweets about one of your songs (see below for download.) 

The boys at CRM also hooked us up with a brand new exclusive track off of their upcoming mix tape, “Mash-Stache,” which will be dropping in just a few days.  Here’s “Cat Daddy Dust:”  


Cat Daddy Dust

Here’s another one of our favorite tracks:

You Belong Right Above It (Lil Wayne + Taylor Swift)

Anyway, make sure to like Catalina Rhyme Mixers on Facebook, check out the interview below, and be sure to stop by on October 1 for their brand new mixtape. 

How did you guys come together to start making music?

Cooper Newby: We’ve been playing in bands since middle school. We had a alternative rock band in high school called Peg Leg with 2 other guys that was decent but our bassist moved so the band kind of fell apart. Will played drums and I played guitar. When we went off to college and mashing was the best way too collaborate. Will actually finished “Funky Pipes” and “Damn it Feels Good to be a Joker” our junior year before we even knew what a mashup was. We just thought it was just a cool remix so we sent it to all of our friends. They really liked it so freshman year of college the Idea sparked and we both started making a bunch of mashups for fun.

How would you describe your sound in four words or less? 

Cooper: Filthy Stripper Beats
Will Goodspeed: Haha ya that aptly describes our sound I suppose.

What’s been the best perk of making music as college students? And the most difficult part?

Will: The best part has without a doubt been hearing positive feedback from other kids.  Random kids that I have never met have told me how much they like our music which is a pretty cool feeling.

Cooper: Free booze and getting paid to party! Its a pretty sweet gig…I can’t complain.  I tried to get VIP treatment in Vegas after Taylor Swift tweeted our song but nobody had heard of us.

Will: As far as the worst part, it has been tough to stay motivated at times.  At school
there’s always something going on which keeps me from doing as much with music as I would have liked. 

Cooper: Djing at a bar kind of ruined the bar scene for me, the people who request the 
most songs were normally a) the drunkest and b) had the worst taste in music…This one 45 year cougar that liked to hang around the college dance bar would come up and ask for hardcore punk rock 15 times a night…and I just can’t bring myself to ever play I’m a Barbie Girl when someone requests it.

How did your families react when you told them about your music plans?

Cooper: They have been really supportive and help, it took them a little to accept that we
were getting pretty popular from a hobby. They do not hesitate to seer the “Get your degree”, and “don’t quit your day job” phrases into my head.

Will: To be honest, I don’t think my parents really had any idea I was doing anything until we picked up some steam towards the end of last year.  To this day, I don’t know if they completely understand what a mashup is.  But ya, they have been incredibly awesome and supportive.

Have you played any shows? Any interesting gig stories?

Cooper: We have had a few CRM shows so far, mainly at parties and bars. We have a big 
Catalina Wine Mixer party planned for the Mash-Stache mix tape Release Party on October 1st which should be insane.

Will: Ya the release party is going to be a good time.  No crazy stories yet but I assume the debut of Mash-Stache should provide a few.

What artists would we find on your iPods?

Cooper: I have been really into disco/electro synth-pop and other electro stuff lately.
Penguin Prison, Theophilus, London, Monarchy, Hey Champ, Mord Fustang, Madeon. Check out Penguin Prison if you haven’t yet he is such a talented musician and he writes really catchy songs.

Will: I love really any party music, hip hop, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, anything really. Pretty much all the artists Cooper listed.  You’ll also find a lot of Blues rock and roll, Little Feat, Steve Miller Band, The Black Keys.

If you weren’t recording or performing on a Saturday night, what would you be doing? 
Will: I would love to say I would be partying ridiculously hard but that would be a lie.  I not nearly the legend I think I am.

Cooper: Doing basically all the shit most men fantasize about.

What is your approach to creating a mashup? What’s the creative process you guys use? 

Cooper: Normally I hear a killer pop acapella with a week beat and I play around with it to try to match it to something in Traktor. We like to mix up rap / pop vocals and classic rock too instead of just sticking to electro, house, or dance music. Once I find a match I make a rough draft, see what will says and we collaborate and mix it down from then on. As for our original songs that we will be releasing potentially in the spring, we normally start off making a remix, which eventually turns into a 
completely original song.

If you guys could each had to pick your last meal on Earth, what would it be? 

Cooper: Franzia and Cheez-its

Will: I can’t top that.

What three items would you guys bring on a desert island?

Will: Guitar, drums, and a girl who is easy on the eyes and can play the guitar.  That’s pretty flawless.

Cooper: A Stick and Bindle, Baked Beans, and my Mac…Does that count as 3 or 4?


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  2. Catalina Rhyme Mixers Release “Mash-Stache Mixtape” « - October 5, 2011

    […] If you’re new to CRM, check out our interview with them right herrrrrrre.  […]

  3. Catalina Rhyme Mixers Release “Mash-Stache Mixtape” « - October 5, 2011

    […] If you’re new to CRM, check out our interview with them right herrrrrrre.  […]

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