Lyric of the Week: Tyga in “Rack City”

9 Dec

“Got your grandma on my dick” 

First of all, what the fuck does “Rack City”even mean.  A city full of breasts? Tyga, you’re a weirdo. 

Now that we’ve established that…I turn my attention to the lyric at hand.  Most women don’t become grandmothers till they are at least 55, and that doesn’t take into account the millions of grandmothers that are in their 60s and 70s, if not 80s.  So, Tyga…you’re saying that you have are having intercourse with 55-85+ year old women? And more specifically…my grandma? You’re making the claim that you are sleeping with the grandmother of every single person that listens to your song.  That’s a lot of grandmothers. Do you even have time to date women your own age? 

Bottom line: Dude’s got problems.  Loves his cougars.  


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