About Us

Whattherap was created out of boredom one summer afternoon in June 2011.  

Two of us were sitting around the kitchen table when we decided that the world was missing a (rap) music blog that didn’t take itself too seriously.  We wanted to poke some fun at the music industry while sharing the best rap, dance, and pop music with everybody out there on the inter-webs.  So, that’s essentially what we’ve done.  

We’ve been surprised by the response and the growth that we’ve seen over the last year, particularly in the last few months.  We hope to improve the site as we go so that readers can get more and more out of it each time they come back. Thanks for reading. Peace, love, and rap music to all ya’ll. 


Here’s the team:

D. Hoffmann, Co-Founder/CEO (@danhoffmann)

N. Rattner, Co-Founder/Creative Director

D. Schneiderman, Marketing

D. Littman, Outreach 


We’re currently looking to sell high-quality, affordable ad-space on the site. WTR’s market is diverse in location and age but targeted in terms of interest.  Please contact us at whattherapdotcom@gmail.com.

Artists, management, and fellow bloggers: Please use this page or email us directly at whattherapdotcom@gmail.com.


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