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Jay-Z & Kanye West — No Church In The Wild (Video)

29 May

Brand new video for this Watch the Throne track.  A little eerie but it fits the song’s message well.  Definitely has a gotham city feel to it.  The more I think about it, it’s probably one of the more involved videos I’ve seen in a while.  Wonder where they found the space to stage all that mayhem.  Strange that Kan and J don’t make an appearance but other than that it’s tight.


Jay-Z Hints at Watch the Throne Sequel Album

9 Dec
Still bumping Watch the Throne on the daily? You’re not the only one.  I think I speak for a lot of the hip-hop community when I say a second Watch the Throne album would be appreciated.  In this clip from an interview with MTV, Jay hints that 2012 could bring solo projects from both J and Kanye as well as a WTT sequel.  He says that they’re both in a great place creatively right now.  We would have to agree.  
“Watch” the interview here: MTV

Kanye West to Unveil Fashion Collection During Paris Fashion Week

16 Sep

Our boy Yeezy will be dropping his brand new women’s fashion line during the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.  If you’ve seen Kanye’s blog, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Looking forward to seeing that.  


“Ni**as in Paris” Artwork Released

8 Sep

Makes sense that such a banger would be the next single from “Watch The Throne.”

I’d expect a sick video coming in a few weeks as well to support the single.



Watch the Throne Moves Nearly 500,000 Copies; Haters are Mad

17 Aug

After just one short week, we’ve got word that Kanye and Jay’z collar album Watch the Throne has sold nearly 500,000 copies.  Hot damn that’s a lot of dough.  Congrats to both of ’em.  If anybody knows about moving weight, it’s Jay…so I’m not too surprised.  

The real data: 436,079 copies. 320,893 (digital)| 115,186 (CD)

Kanye West — Mama’s Boyfriend

14 Jun

We heard Kanye debut this track back when he was touring all those social media headquarters out in California. He rapped this one for the good folks at Facebook, but it didn’t make the cut for his most recent album.  Now we finally get the track in it’s full form.  Check it.

Download Kanye West “Mama’s Boyfriend”

Kanye West’s Coachella Performance (The Mixtape)

9 May

The Rap Up has released a mixtape of Mr. West’s unbelievable performance at Coachella.  Probably worth a download. 

DOWNLOAD Kanye West Live At Coachella 2011

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