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Shop So Hard (Niggas in Paris Parody Video)

29 May

“Shop so hard — let’s keep going, hella deals just keep going.  These cravings, these savings…touchdown like I’m T.Owens”



World’s Most Beautiful Women Cover “Empire State of Mind”

16 Sep

Well, well.  This is a pleasant surprise.  A group of the world’s best supermodels have created a video that cover’s Jay and Alicia’s “Empire State of Mind”. 

Maybe this has something to do with New York Fashion Week? IDK LOL! 

Cool video though nonetheless.  Whether you like attractive women, the song, or the city of New York, this is a win-win situation. 

2 Year Old Wakes Up To Waka Flocka

31 Aug

You may have seen this video before.  You may have not.  But it’s a fucking good video so I wanted to post it and make damn sure that everybody had a chance to watch.  

Sick Adidas Originals Commercial feat. Snoop and Big Sean

18 Aug

Now I kind of have the urge to buy myself some Adidas gear.  Cool visuals.

Meet S1, Producer of “Power” and “Excellence”

18 Aug

You may never have heard of Symbolyc One, but you’ve definitely heard him.  He produced Kanye’s “Power,” Beyonce’s “Best I Never Had,” and more recently, “Murder to Excellence” from Watch The Throne.  He’s on the up…and in this behind the scenes video, he gives a view into the production behind his work.  Really tight video.  

Couple videos worth watching

25 Apr

Season 4 of Khalifa’s new “reality show” just started.  This episode is about the launch of Rolling Papers.  Considering the massive quantities of marijuana he consumes on a daily basis, I expect a 4/20 episode to be coming shortly behind this one.

Here’s a clip of Lady Gaga tearing up backstage while she says that sometimes she still feels like a loser.  Hard to imagine you’d feel that way when you’re selling out shows at the Garden, but hey who knows.  STAY STRONG GAGA!

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