Wiz Khalifa Appears in Bing Ad

13 Feb

I’ve always been on the fence about Wiz but this commercial is very well done.  Seems like there’s a big trend in trying to link the celebrity lifestyle with internet services (Diplo for Blackberry, Wiz and Bing, etc.).  It’s working. 


Meek Mill — Dream Chasers Never Sleep (Vlog 2)

13 Feb

Meek Mill absolutely kills this freestyle.  I had to post it so that all ya’ll can check this out.  Enjoy.  Huge shootout to Meek Mill.  One of the hardest working guys in the game.

Here’s to 2012

31 Dec

The WTR family would like to extend a big thank you for a great 2011. In the last few months we’ve been a bit spotty but new things are on tap for 2012. Stay tuned — and a Happy New Year to all.

Much love,

Chris Brown Looks Like a Creepy Parisian School Boy in “Strip”

16 Dec

No explanation needed here.  Everything about this song/video is creepy.  

Chris Brown feat K-Mac “Strip” from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

Ghostface Killah Brutally Murders Casper the Friendly Ghost

16 Dec

Only the good die young.  Today, WTR received word that Dennis Coles (better known by his stage name Ghostface Killah) has killed Casper the Friendly Ghost.  The murder happened late last night after Ghostface and Casper ran into each other outside Club Vanguard in L.A.  The two initially dapped each other up, but things quickly escalated when Ghostface realized that Casper not a real person but, in fact, a ghost.  “I had no choice but to kill him, man.  I hate fucking ghosts,” Ghostface told TMZ after the incident.

Ghostface’s violence comes as a surprise to most fans.  In August, he filed a lawsuit against Universal Music for unpaid royalties.  A few years earlier, he was sued for copyright violation by the owners of the Iron Man theme song.  This is the first time Ghostface Killah has been involved in any violent altercations, which is surprising given that his name is Ghostface Killah.  

Shortly after 3:30 AM, police arrived at the scene to find Casper the Friendly Ghost lying face down in front of the club.  Killah was brought to the L.A. County Jail and was released after posting $100,000 in Ghost Dollars.  

Rick Ross VLOGs His Way Through South Africa

16 Dec

In what I initially expected to be some kind of documentation of a humanitarian mission to Africa, Rick Ross instead demonstrates his never-ending decadence on a tour trip to S. Africa.  Hey, at least he flew commercial.  No sign of poverty in this video.  Exotic fish, gold chains, and cereal.  Leggggggo Ricky Rozay.  

Lyric of the Week: Tyga in “Rack City”

9 Dec

“Got your grandma on my dick” 

First of all, what the fuck does “Rack City”even mean.  A city full of breasts? Tyga, you’re a weirdo. 

Now that we’ve established that…I turn my attention to the lyric at hand.  Most women don’t become grandmothers till they are at least 55, and that doesn’t take into account the millions of grandmothers that are in their 60s and 70s, if not 80s.  So, Tyga…you’re saying that you have are having intercourse with 55-85+ year old women? And more specifically…my grandma? You’re making the claim that you are sleeping with the grandmother of every single person that listens to your song.  That’s a lot of grandmothers. Do you even have time to date women your own age? 

Bottom line: Dude’s got problems.  Loves his cougars.  

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