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New Release: Chiddy Bang “Ray Charles”

14 Nov

A brand new Chiddy Bang joint just dropped thanks to the good people at Rolling Stone.  

“Ray Charles” is the first song from CB’s forthcoming debut album, “Breakfast.”

“The song actually started out as a joke when my brother, Cheeseburger Don, got so high he fell asleep in the studio with his sunglasses on,” says Chiddy Bang. “I looked over and he reminded me of Ray Charles, probably because I was high, too. I started freestyling about him and we laid it down right there.” [RollingStone]

We are really feeling this track.  It’s got soul and is well worth a listen:


Chiddy Bang — Mind Your Manners (Live)

29 Apr

Here’s the live version of “Manners” which debuted tonight after Chiddy broke the Guiness World Record for longest rap freestyle.  This is reportedly the first single from the upcoming album Breakfast.  We’ll get the real shit up when they drop it but here’s a good preview:

DOWNLOAD “Mind Your Manners” (Live)

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