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Complex Presents: The Rick Ross Soundboard

10 Jun


This shit is epic.  We posted yesterday about Rick Ross and his signature “UGHN” sound or whatever it is, but now Complex Magazine has got a full soundboard where you can play around with Ross and some of his ridiculous phrases.  Here’s a sample of some of the madness:

“Come kick it with Gordito”

That cut that fit my bulk and my buffness”

“Fuck Carrot Top!”

“The breast area was real nice”

“Give em’ my dick in my boxers”

Click on the picture to launch the soundboard. Yaaa dig.


Rick Ross Explains His Signature “Huuhh” Grunting Sound

9 Jun

You know that grunting sound that Rick Ross makes all the time now? Now we know the backstory…

“One of my favorites is “hugggh”/that’s my way of saying daaaaamn/did you hear that motherfucker/it just reminds me of how dope the music is”

It’s gotta come from the soul.  I happen to be a huge Ross/MMG fan so I’m not trying to hate.  Plus, I gotta give the man credit for having enough pull to make a grunting sound famous.  He could be the first to get it done.  

And if you don’t have any idea what we’re talking about/want to listen to 6 minutes of Rozay grunting, check this out:

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