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Run For Cover: Titanium — David Guetta (feat. Sia)

26 Aug

I’m fully aware that this “Run For Cover” is the cheesiest possible name for a feature, but I’m going with it.  

Tonight, I saw a bunch of really good covers of David Guetta’s relatively new track “Titanium” and I decided that to share them with ya’ll. This whole “Run for Cover” business could end up as a recurring feature.  

Check these out:






Download ^







Avicii + David Guetta — Sunshine (Download)

19 Aug

I’m not afraid to say it…I really believe that no one is making better house music than Avicii is right about now.  On this track, Guetta and Avicii come at you with a wall of sound very reminiscent of some of Avicii’s recent hits (like Levels or Penguin.)

It’s really, really good.  I hear a lot more of Avicii’s sound in this track and much less Guetta but that’s alright.  As long as they’re making good music, I really couldn’t care less. Expect this one to be bumpin’ in every club worldwide by next week.  

Oh, and also…if you don’t download this track…you are a fool.

Download: “Sunshine” 

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