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Big Sean’s Finally Famous Album Leaks Early (Download)

14 Jun

Two weeks ahead of it’s release date, Big Sean’s debut Finally Famous: The Album leaked today. Some are speculating that this is a record company plan to generate buzz for the album. Maybe so. Either way, I know I’ll absolutely be buying it when it drops, even though it’s already available for free online.  

From what I’ve heard so far, Sean kills it on this album.  It’s definitely way more polished than any of his mixtapes and he actually does quite a bit of singing, which I didn’t expect.  

This has beeeeen an absurdly good week for music.  New tracks from Kanye, Nas, Drake, Nicki, Lil Wayne, along with a bunch of new videos.  And now…we have the entire Big Sean album early.  

Give it a listen and please buy it when it drops on the release date.  


(Sorry guys — the download is no longer available.)

Please support Big Sean by purchasing the album on iTunes here.)



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Big Sean – So Much More (Prod. by No I.D.)

8 Jun

“I’m just multiplying my money and dividing the legs””

Big Sean previewed his new album Finally Famous (dropping June 28) at a listening party in NYC last night.  Right on the heels of that event comes a brand spankin’ new single from the album.  Sounding pretty good.  I don’t want to speak too soon but I’m thinking Big’s new album is going to be one of the best of the summer music season.  Stay tuned…and feel free to download the track below — but be sure to buy the album when it drops.  It’ll be worth the dough.  

P.S. Doesn’t sound like this is the CD quality version.  Just sayin’.

Big Sean – So Much More 

Big Sean to Drop Mixtape Before Album

6 Jun

No commentary necessary.  Just watch the damn video.

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