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Lost Ones – J.Cole (Video)

26 Oct

Eye candy for J.Cole’s Lost Ones.  This one was actually recorded in 2008, as the little blurb at the beginning of the video explains.  Meaningful visuals for a meaningful song.  Looks and sounds good to me.


Can’t Get Enough — J.Cole

3 Sep

The new J.Cole album is on its way and this is just another reminder of what’s coming at the end of the month.  This one’s called “Can’t Get Enough.”

It’s not a free release, unfortunately.  You’ve gotta download it on iTunes.  But it’s well worth it.

Download “Can’t Get Enough”

Hustler Claims To Have Rhianna + J-Cole Sextape; Artists Deny Existence

25 Aug

Hustler, the ever-classy adult film company, claims to be in possession of a X-rated video of Rhianna and J-Cole.  The artists did tour together during Rhianna’s LOUD tour, but it seems unlikely that they would have filmed themselves — even if they were/are dating.  The funny thing is — Chris Brown and J.Cole do look a little bit similar, no?

“Hustler is in possession of the Rhianna and J.Cole tape,” said a rep for Hustler. “we have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet.” [RadarOnline]

Don’t know what they’re going to do with it yet? Well…they’ve most likely watched it a few times so that’s doing something, right? 

For all we know, Hustler could be talking out of their behinds.  Rhianna is denying the existence of the sex tape (duh.) 

A lot of other sites (quite irresponsible, I might add) are just reporting that the tape exists.  Since I haven’t seen it, I’m going to restrain for making that kind of a claim.  I’d say the odds are actually against Hustler in this case…I bet they’ve got nothing and are just looking to stir up some drama.  

I suppose we shall see what happens.  Veeeerrry interesting. 

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