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Jay-Z & Kanye West — No Church In The Wild (Video)

29 May

Brand new video for this Watch the Throne track.  A little eerie but it fits the song’s message well.  Definitely has a gotham city feel to it.  The more I think about it, it’s probably one of the more involved videos I’ve seen in a while.  Wonder where they found the space to stage all that mayhem.  Strange that Kan and J don’t make an appearance but other than that it’s tight.


Jay-Z Hints at Watch the Throne Sequel Album

9 Dec
Still bumping Watch the Throne on the daily? You’re not the only one.  I think I speak for a lot of the hip-hop community when I say a second Watch the Throne album would be appreciated.  In this clip from an interview with MTV, Jay hints that 2012 could bring solo projects from both J and Kanye as well as a WTT sequel.  He says that they’re both in a great place creatively right now.  We would have to agree.  
“Watch” the interview here: MTV

Kanye West and Jay-Z Perform at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

30 Nov

Just spent the last hour of my life watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and while I still haven’t figured out what Victoria’s Secret is, I found it quite entertaining.  

As if I needed a better reason to watch scantily-clad women wink at me all night long, Kanye West and Jay-Z performed the smash hit “Ni**as in Paris” (no, not ninjas) and absolutely killed it on stage.  It’s too bad Kanye wasn’t a complete douchebag or he probably could have met some nice ladies backstage.  Jay-Z is already wified up with Beyonce, who was in attendance at the show as well.  Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj also performed.

Overall, an enjoyable hour of television.  If you missed the performance, check it here:

Kanye West & Jay Z vs Benny Benassi – Paris Satisfaction

28 Sep


This is absolutely one of my favorite remixes of all time.  I have been waiting for someone to do a “Niggas in Paris” remix that actually works and this one is incredible.  You are out of your mind if you don’t download this:



DOWNLOAD “Paris Satisfaction”

Unbelievable Dance Remix of Entire Watch the Throne Album (Market Price)

13 Sep


Mark The Throne — Market Price

Watch The Throne was a very good album.  You can reserve the right to disagree with me, but you are still wrong.  When I saw that these guys Market Price had remixed the entire album, I was a little skeptical.  How fucking wrong I was.  This is actually one of the best mashup albums I’ve ever heard.  It’s not just Kanye and Jay with a basic dance back track.  It is all of Watch the Throne, but through a totally different lens.  Here are a few of the tracks I like so far, but you can download the entire thing below.  Props to the guys at Market Price.  I had never heard of them before, but this is fire.

Download “Mark The Throne” (Full Album)

Kanye and Jay-Z Perform “Otis” at MTV VMAs

28 Aug

SWAAAAAG.  Kanye and Jay-Z performing together at the MTV Video Music Awards just a few minutes ago.  Stay tuned for more videos as the night goes on.  We’ll have more tomorrow morning as well.  So far, I’ve actually been kind of impressed with the show.    

Viacom took the video down.  Watch it on the MTV site here.






Jay-Z Shuts Down Liv Nightclub for “Watch The Throne” Release Party

19 Aug


Sick video.  As if we didn’t already know that Jay-Z knew how to throw a party. 

A little pissed that we didn’t get the invite…but I guess we’ll let this one slide.  

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