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Justin Bieber — Boyfriend (Remix) (with 2 CHAINZ, MAC MILLER & ASHER ROTH)

25 May


Bieber came out of this Disney shell and surprised a lot of folks with “Boyfriend.”

2 Chainz, Mac, and Asher came together on the original Bieber track and the result is worth a listen.  Have to admit that it’s not exactly the hardest crew out there but they work well on the pop-hop track.  


Awkward/Cute/Suggestive — Selena Gomez Interviews Bieber at VMAs

28 Aug

Just watch.  Kinda funny.

Don’t forget…I was the one who called that they were “doing it” so many months ago.  And we also had these Selena/Biebs grab ass pictures a few weeks ago.

Trust Issues — Drake and Justin Bieber

28 Aug

Holy Bieber, batman! This new track is kinda weird.  It’s kinda like a  super slowed down version of “I’m On One” without that annoying high pitched noise that loops on the track.  The majority of this one is just Bieber singing really slowly and then there’s a little bit of Drake on the end.  Not really sure what to think about this, but it’s spreading on the net pretty quickly.  You guys can be the judge.  Check it. 

Download “Trust Issues”

These comments from one of the Youtube version of the track are hilarious though:


Justin Bieber Plays Grab-Ass With GF Selena Gomez

7 Jun

Bieber: “What!? I was helping her with a bad wedgie!”

We reported several months ago that despite the bullshit candy-coated “we’re waiting for marriage” card that Bieber and Gomez had been pulling, we suspected that they were probably going at it.  Pictures were released last week of the two vacationing in Hawaii and initially I had been too lazy to post anything about this but then I came across these pictures and I just couldn’t help myself…

Oh, SHIT! Justin Bieber Is Trapped in His Hotel Room!

10 Mar

Disclaimer: We realize that Justin Bieber is not a rapper, but have decided to cover this story anyway.

If you thought the Chilean mine disaster was serious, think again!  Justin Bieber is currently trapped inside his hotel room because an enormous crowd of female fans has formed in front of his hotel.  London police have set up riot teams in front of Bieber’s hotel, and surrounding streets have been closed down.  It’s fucking madness out there! BIEBER MANIA!

The police have actually threatened to arrest Team Bieber if they go near their own hotel room balcony because riot conditions could ensue.


Alert: The Dougie is No Longer Cool

3 Jan

Sorry, folks. But when shit like this happens you know it’s time to move onto something new:

Maybe when debut album “The Kickback” drops in February, Cali Swag District should leave a certain track off the disc.

Request: Someone invent a new dance. ASAP.

Hell, I’m even down to go back to the Shoulder Lean. Or the Walk It Out. Or the Superman. Just keep me away from the Chicken Noodle Soup, cause that was lame as fuck.

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