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Lil Wayne and Lil B to Join Forces on Upcoming Mixtape

16 Jun

So first we saw this from Young Money President Mack Maine:

And then we saw this:

And this from the Based God’s tumblr:

Not sure how to react to this. Should I be excited? Concerned? Scared for the potential consequences of this pairing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



Lil B Announces Name for New Album: “I’m Gay”

18 Apr

While performing this weekend at Coachella, Lil B announced that he will call his forthcoming album “I’m Gay.” He then proceeded to give the following reasons for his decision:

  • “We living this life…you could be whatever you want…don’t give a fuck, fuck whatever anybody else think, man.”
  • “Words don’t mean shit” 
  • “People be worried about what people meaning like definitions and words and shit”
  • “Gay means happy”
  • “I love women”
  • “Live life, you only got one life to live, be happy”
Interesting to say the least.  Thoughts?
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