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Unbelievable Dance Remix of Entire Watch the Throne Album (Market Price)

13 Sep


Mark The Throne — Market Price

Watch The Throne was a very good album.  You can reserve the right to disagree with me, but you are still wrong.  When I saw that these guys Market Price had remixed the entire album, I was a little skeptical.  How fucking wrong I was.  This is actually one of the best mashup albums I’ve ever heard.  It’s not just Kanye and Jay with a basic dance back track.  It is all of Watch the Throne, but through a totally different lens.  Here are a few of the tracks I like so far, but you can download the entire thing below.  Props to the guys at Market Price.  I had never heard of them before, but this is fire.

Download “Mark The Throne” (Full Album)


DJ Trademark — Sunset Season

30 Aug

Just in case you don’t have enough mashups in your life already…here’s a late-summer banger from DJ Trademark.  It’s his typical business with a bunch of popular tracks.  Starting to get bored of these but for some reason I feel obliged to post it.  This one actually is kinda dope now that I think about it.  Check the video and download the track.  You know the deal by now.

P.S. I realize that I sound like a grumpy old grandpa.  So what.  Tell your friends about whattherap or get off my lawn you damn kids!

Download “Sunset Season” 

Party on the Floor — DJ Earworm

17 Aug

If you haven’t heard this yet, you should definitely check it out.  It’s the perfect end-of-summer anthem.  It’s cool to hear Party Rock Anthem worked into a mashup too.

Download “Party on the Floor”

Mann “Buzzin” vs. Chiddy Bang “Opposite of Adults”

12 Apr

Haven’t heard this mashup before — don’t think it’s gotten much attention but it’s pretty bumpin.  It’s a mix of Mann’s “Buzzin” and Chiddy Bang’s “Opposite of Adults.” Happy track…but after a few listens it kinda makes me feel like I’m losing my mind, but maybe that’s just me.

Youtube is blocking the video…but we got links on links below…

Watch the video and Download

DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2010

28 Dec

DJ Earworm’s 2010 mashup is all generating all kinds of buzz on the interwebs tonight.

Eh…it’s alright.  There’s no Soulja Boy or Waka Flocka, so frankly I’m a little bit underwhelmed.  I like the German one we posted yesterday better.

The Past Year of Your Life in 3 Minutes

27 Dec

Just in case you’ve been actually living under a rock, were in a third-world country without internet access all year, or think you’re too cool for mainstream “pop” music, here’s a recap of the year’s hottest popular music in three minutes and eighteen seconds.  “Top of the Pops 2010 (Too Many Earworms).”  Not gonna lie — it’s actually pretty sick.  MP3 Download is also available here.

The dude who uploaded the video to YouTube is actually German, so in case you need the translation:

Hier ist mein Top of Mainstream Hits 2010 Mashup. Ich nenne ihn “Too many Earworms”, als Hommage an DJ Earworm, dessen Jahresmixe ich seit Jahren liebe. Dieses Mashup ist natürlich in meinem eigenen Stil produziert und hat außerdem einige deutsche Songs dabei. Es ist eine Parodie auf die doch erschreckend gleichkingende Popsuppe des vergangenen Jahres.

P.S. — The WTR playlist page has just been updated.  Check it out.

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