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Did Rick Ross Invent Absurdity?

5 Oct

We all know Maybach Music Group is killing it in the game right now.  However, did you know that Rick Ross created absurdity? He truly is the king of the absurd.  I’d like to make my case. 

Exhibit A: His new song entitled “I Love My Bitches.” If there is one thing he definitely doesn’t do, its subtledty.  We may all ‘Love our bitches” but most people would take a more “beating around the bush” approach to this subject, no pun intended.  I suppose this is Rozay’s attempt at a love song.  

The good news: This song is a fucking banger and you should probably download it.   

Download: “I Love My Bitches” 

Exhibit B: The artwork for his new single “You the Boss,” which also features Nicki Minaj.  There’s really not much more to say about this: 

Exhibit C: The tattoo of the first President of the United States of America, George Washington, that resides on his right breast.  We originally wrote about this many months ago and you can read the full explanation here.  All I know is that his breasts look like a history textbook.  

I rest my case.




Behind the Scenes: “Ima Boss” (Maybach Music)

22 Aug

Maybach Music and friends were out in Philly making the video for Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” track and decided to document it with a little behind the scenes joint.  Check this thang out. 

And the award for the best comment on the video goes to:

Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back” Video

16 Jun

In honor of Tupac’s would-be 40th birthday, check the new video for “Tupac Back” coming from the Maybach Music crew.  If you haven’t heard it this one’s a banger, and there’s just somehting about a shirtless Rick Ross that gets my blood flowing.

Watch the video here.

Maybach Music Group on Jimmy Kimmel

26 May

Jimmy Kimmel is really, really white.  

Really enjoyed watching Kimmel try to successfully introduce MMG. “Two pack back?” 

Either way, it’s cool that he had them on the show.  Pretty good performance, except that the backing vocal tracks were WAY too loud.  It’s essentially like Rozay and the whole gang performed at a karaoke bar.  That sound engineer stinks.  

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