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Rick Ross VLOGs His Way Through South Africa

16 Dec

In what I initially expected to be some kind of documentation of a humanitarian mission to Africa, Rick Ross instead demonstrates his never-ending decadence on a tour trip to S. Africa.  Hey, at least he flew commercial.  No sign of poverty in this video.  Exotic fish, gold chains, and cereal.  Leggggggo Ricky Rozay.  


Did Rick Ross Invent Absurdity?

5 Oct

We all know Maybach Music Group is killing it in the game right now.  However, did you know that Rick Ross created absurdity? He truly is the king of the absurd.  I’d like to make my case. 

Exhibit A: His new song entitled “I Love My Bitches.” If there is one thing he definitely doesn’t do, its subtledty.  We may all ‘Love our bitches” but most people would take a more “beating around the bush” approach to this subject, no pun intended.  I suppose this is Rozay’s attempt at a love song.  

The good news: This song is a fucking banger and you should probably download it.   

Download: “I Love My Bitches” 

Exhibit B: The artwork for his new single “You the Boss,” which also features Nicki Minaj.  There’s really not much more to say about this: 

Exhibit C: The tattoo of the first President of the United States of America, George Washington, that resides on his right breast.  We originally wrote about this many months ago and you can read the full explanation here.  All I know is that his breasts look like a history textbook.  

I rest my case.



Behind the Scenes: Rick Ross MTV VMA 2011 Weekend

30 Aug

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Rozay and his crew doing it bit during VMA weekend.  Appearances by Khaled, Drake, Sean Kingston, and others.

Not sure why we didn’t get an invite.  Hook us up next time.


Behind the Scenes: “Ima Boss” (Maybach Music)

22 Aug

Maybach Music and friends were out in Philly making the video for Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” track and decided to document it with a little behind the scenes joint.  Check this thang out. 

And the award for the best comment on the video goes to:

Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back” Video

16 Jun

In honor of Tupac’s would-be 40th birthday, check the new video for “Tupac Back” coming from the Maybach Music crew.  If you haven’t heard it this one’s a banger, and there’s just somehting about a shirtless Rick Ross that gets my blood flowing.

Watch the video here.

Complex Presents: The Rick Ross Soundboard

10 Jun


This shit is epic.  We posted yesterday about Rick Ross and his signature “UGHN” sound or whatever it is, but now Complex Magazine has got a full soundboard where you can play around with Ross and some of his ridiculous phrases.  Here’s a sample of some of the madness:

“Come kick it with Gordito”

That cut that fit my bulk and my buffness”

“Fuck Carrot Top!”

“The breast area was real nice”

“Give em’ my dick in my boxers”

Click on the picture to launch the soundboard. Yaaa dig.

Rick Ross Has a Tattoo of George Washington On His Right Breast

9 Jun

Ross’s Chest Is Like a History Textbook 

If I’m not mistaken…that is definitely a tattoo of the U.S.’s first president, George Washington.  The man who led our army to defeat the British.  Like that really old guy.  I think he’s famous or something.  

The full video of the Rick Ross GQ photoshoot is here:



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