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Whattherap, Inc. Announces General Boycott of Soulja Boy’s Music

20 Sep


For a while now, I’ve really been flabbergasted by the popularity of Soulja Boy.  I understand that his music exists in a space that is half-parody/half-real music (hopefully) but I just can’t take it anymore.  His music really angers me.  It’s just not good.  I really hope some people will back me up on this because I am losing my mind.  

I can’t sit here while Mr. Soulja rakes in the dough, while artists with 10 times the talent have yet to be discovered.  


I’ve written a lot about him over the years.  His inability to counthis claim to have written the song “Whip My Hair” (confirmed: he did not write it.)and his plea on Twitter to have naked pictures sent to him from female fans. 

Read up…because from this day on I intend never to post another Soulja Boy song on this site.  I hereby announce the boycott of Soulja Boy’s music on WTR.  There’s a chance his name will appear on this site in the future, but until further notice I’m over it.  

I present my one and only piece of evidence in the case against Mr. Boy:


Soulja Boy — The Last Crown Mixtape (Download)

2 Sep




Soulja Boy comes through with a brand new release for all the homies out there.  Check it out. 

Download on DatPiff  

P.S. We just posted a video he dropped as well if you’ve yet to see that.  




Soulja Boy — The Last Crown (Video)

2 Sep

New viddddeo for Soulja Boy’s new mixtape.  I like the production on this particular song but the auto tune for the verses are kinda whack.  


I’m A Goner — Soulja Boy, Matt and Kim, Andrew W.K. (Download)

22 Aug

So, Soulja Boy signed a nearly 2 million dollar contract with Converse.  He’s making a shoe or something.  Somehow or other in all of this, this song with Soulja Boy, Matt and Kim, and Andrew W.K. was made.  It’s kind of an interesting juxtaposition between rap/spacy indie pop.  The video just dropped yesterday, check it out below:

If you’ve been reading WTR for a while you know that I’m not a big Soulja fan…but the funny part is that I’m lukewarm about Matt and Kim.  The two of them together makes this song difficult listening for me.  Oh well…figured you guys might like it.  It’s not that bad after all. 

Download “I’m A Goner” [Converse]


Soulja Boy — Conceited (Download)

9 Jun

“I walked in the motherfucking club playing game boy color…I made swag…I invented juice…I look so good…I look so pretty…I’m conceited…

One of the most absurd songs/videos ever produced in the hip-hop game.  That’s not even an exaggeration.  If you had any doubts that Soulja Boy likes himself, you can put those to rest immediately after watching the above video. 

Download “Conceited”

Damn Good Tweets (June 8, 2011)

8 Jun

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite tweets from today.  Follow us on Twitter (@whattherap) and perhaps you’ll be on our list next time. 

@souljaboy! What a guy! Always caring about everybody’s safety and shit. And so friendly too!

(@ddlovato) Demi Lovato’s head explodes…that can’t be good…

@MeekMill, new star of Maybach Music Group reminds us what a hoola-hoop is! 

@cheeseburgerdon, brother of Chiddy from Chiddy Bang, tweets during a wet dream…

Breaking News: Soulja Boy Has a Large Penis

15 Mar

Just a few minutes ago, SouljaBoy made the above picture his Twitter profile picture.  A “twitstorm” had ensued.  People are going wild.  I’m kinda grossed out. He just went Brett Farve on everyone in twitland.  Hey, at least we know he’s using 2-ply toilet paper.  Good move, Soulja.


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