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Drake Responds to Take Care Album Leak

7 Nov

Drizzy Drizzy Drake responded to the news that his album leaked tonight on Twitter:

@drake: I am not sure if the album leaked. But if it did thank god it doesn’t happen a month early anymore.

He then followed up the first tweet minutes later with:

@drake “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time.”

You can snag the leak here, but only if you promise to buy the album and support Drizzy when it drops on the 15th.  

Young Money Cash Money continuing to take over the came.


Cool Social Media Mom Tweets During Her Own Childbirth; Is She An Idiot or a Trendsetter?

8 Jun

Has “social media” taken over our lives? 

[Photo: Gawker.com]

Mary Wycherly, photographer and former indie rocker, decided to live tweet the birth of her child a few days ago.  Here’s the problem: If I could think of one place that Twitter shouldn’t get involved, it is the miraculous moment in which a child is born and enters the world.

A few others situations in which the use of Twitter should be banned are as follows:

  • Funerals
  • Locker rooms 
  • During sex
  • Immediately after sex
  • While driving 
  • While drunk
  • If you are a married U.S. Congressman with a tendency to communicate with young women over social media 
  • If you are a married U.S. Congressman with a tendency to communicate with young women over social media, ESPECIALLY if your name is Weiner.
Aren’t there more important things to be doing while giving birth than tweeting…like giving birth? Some of the tweets are just plain weird too:
“Martin and nana are making me laugh so much that I’m ‘squirting’ water and contracting simultaneously”
“Oh great, I’ve run out of beer. This would never happen in the hospital. #homebirth
“It’s a beautiful girl. Crying. Amazing. #homebirth
There’s no need to tell us you are crying! Just fucking cry!
I’m really happy for Mary and her new baby boy named “Sailor” so please don’t take any of this the wrong way.  Let’s hope “birth-tweeting” isn’t the next big thing. 

“Things Fat Hoes Say” is Trending on Twitter; What Has the World Come To

7 Jun

I woke up this morning to a surprise: #thingsfathoessay is currently trending on Twitter. 

I thought we had seen it all.  2009 brought us hashtags the likes of: #musicmonday #nevertrust #swineflu #3drunkwords.  2010 ushered in #slapyourself #icantlivewithout #haveuever and #chileanminersrescue.  

Pretty tame right? But 2011 just came along and tore shit up with the most absurd trending topic ever: #thingsfathoessay 

When I first laid eyes on this topic, I thought “fatho” was a person and it had to do with some essay.  But then I clicked and saw some of the tweets being posted:



Update: #thingsfathoessay is no longer trending, but let’s bring it back! It’s SO politically correct!

OH, SHIT! Lil Wayne’s Twitter Account Hacked

18 Jan

Mr. Wayne’s twitter feed has been compromised.  This is truly a sad, sad day for those in the twittersphere.  HATERS GON HATE!

Soulja Boy Claims He Wrote “Whip My Hair”

4 Jan

And the award for “Best Bullshit I’ve Ever Heard” goes to…

Fact Check: Whip My Hair was written by Ronald Jackson and Janae Rockwell — not Soulja Boy.  What kinda shit is Mr. Boy trying to pull here?  He hasn’t lost this much credibility since the time that he claimed his “dick tastes like ribs.”

The good news: Apparently he’s decided to put aside the fake play money from family-friendly board games like Monopoly and Life — in 2011 he plans on making real money! NO GAMES!  I just hope he doesn’t mean $2011.  That would suck.

The bad news: Soulja Boy has a twitter.

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