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Wiz Khalifa Appears in Bing Ad

13 Feb

I’ve always been on the fence about Wiz but this commercial is very well done.  Seems like there’s a big trend in trying to link the celebrity lifestyle with internet services (Diplo for Blackberry, Wiz and Bing, etc.).  It’s working. 


DayToday Season 4 Episode 6

20 Sep

Fans of Wiz’s online reality show have been waiting a long time for disss one right here…and it’s finally here. 

Here’s a couple comments though:

1.  I need one of those fucking private jets.  Not sure why we don’t have a corporate plane yet. Time to work on that.  If you wanna donate, send some money my way.

2.  That hotel room is unreal. 

3.  Happy Birthday Wiz

Why Wiz Khalifa Doesn’t Smoke Blunts

9 Jun

Just dug this old school video out of the vault from ’09…

Fast forward to around 4 minutes.

Shoutout to Wiz and Taylor Gang.  Always bumpin’ your music on the stereo. 

Season 4 Trailer for Wiz’s “DayToday”

14 Apr

Dope trailer for the fourth season of Wiz Khalifa’s YouTube reality show.  Pretty epic.

Kinda makes me like “When I’m Gone” more…even though I had mixed feelings about “Rolling Papers”

Why Wiz Khalifa Sold Out with “Rolling Papers”

31 Mar

Let me preface this by saying that I really like Wiz, and that his first few releases were beyond great. “The Thrill” is still one of my favorite songs to date. Unfortunately, with “Rolling Papers,” I feel like he has completely sold out.

Let’s take one of the least “fruity pebble pop garbage” tracks  — “On My Level” as an example (above).  No more than 8 seconds ever goes by without him mentioning weed, alcohol, or money.  Obviously, you can’t escape those themes in rap because after all, rap culture (or at least the forced perception of it) is based around those things.  In “On My Level,” the first verse is about weed, alcohol, and money…and so is the second…and the third…as is the chorus…and the featured verse by Too Short.  It’s just really fucking boring.  What happened to writing about something with some substance? The lyrics feel forced, and if you watch the video (which we can’t post because of ridiculous label/Youtube restrictions), you’ll see that it looks forced too.

Nothing on this album even compares to “This Plane” or “The Thrill,” “Take Away” or “In The Cut.” Those are good songs with high production value (but not bubble gum pop crap) and for the most part, interesting lyrics.

“When I’m Gone” is probably my favorite song on the new album, with “The Race” coming in at a close second.  The issue is — the whole album is commercialized pop-rap.  If that’s what you’re looking for — you’re going to like “Rolling Papers.” Otherwise, not so much.  When “Fly Solo” came on, I literally thought my iTunes had switched to Jason Mraz.

Even though it’s expected to sell more than 200,000 copies in its first week, I just really don’t think it’s that good.  It’s second only to Britney’s new album anyway, so that’s not saying much.  The album feels forced and it doesn’t really represent Wiz.  Where’s the Khalifa that released Cabin Fever just a handful of weeks ago? Please come back, we miss you.

My recommendation: Download “When I’m Gone,” “The Race” and “Black and Yellow” (if you don’t already have it) and skip the rest of the album.  Wait for the next mixtape.

Maybe you feel the same way…or you completely disagree.  Let us know in the comments.

Rick Ross ft. Wiz Khalifa — Retro Super Future

30 Mar

“Holding my dick until the day that I expire”

Well, if you had any doubts that Ross really plans to clutch his genitals until the day that he passes away, we now have photo evidence.

This new Rick Rozay song is actually pretty good.  The song title makes about as much sense as refusing to let go of your member, but I’m not one to judge.

Download “Retro Super Future” directly here

How to Ruin a Good Song in One Minute and 22 Seconds

29 Nov

Well here’s something I wish I didn’t see everyday:

These girls really did some innovative shit with the lyrics. I’m sure the Real Wiz would be proud:

“and ill plant my seeds, please dont tease, cali breed
i’m like a blind mice always chasing cheese”

“I’m high and I still think these girls suck”


Here’s the real song (in case you’re a hip-hop n00b):

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