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Rick Ross VLOGs His Way Through South Africa

16 Dec

In what I initially expected to be some kind of documentation of a humanitarian mission to Africa, Rick Ross instead demonstrates his never-ending decadence on a tour trip to S. Africa.  Hey, at least he flew commercial.  No sign of poverty in this video.  Exotic fish, gold chains, and cereal.  Leggggggo Ricky Rozay.  


2 Year Old Wakes Up To Waka Flocka

31 Aug

You may have seen this video before.  You may have not.  But it’s a fucking good video so I wanted to post it and make damn sure that everybody had a chance to watch.  

The 2011 Summer Anthem: CrippleWithSwag’s “Vagina Ain’t Handicapped”

10 Jun

“I have the best sex, and get the best parking spots”

(yes she actually said that)


This video is taking the blogosphere by storm right now.  CrippleWithSwag (the YouTube account name of a handicapped girl) is taking over the rap game as we speak.  Her new video, “Vagina Ain’t Handicapped,” explains that even though she may be crippled, she still needs some action now and then.  I really have nothing negative to say.  I give her a lot of props for being able to swag out like this. 

I’ve seen some pretty terrible YouTube comments.  Some folks on other blogs (cough cough Barstool) are really ripping this girl a new one (no pun intended) but I just can’t.  First, we had “fathoessaythis” or whatever it was trending on Twitter this week and now a handicapped girl singing about her vagina.  We are so fucked. 

These guys do a pretty fun response to the original video…worth checking out…

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